Canadians know that modern, reliable public transit means they have more time to get where they need to go and do the activities that are important to them.

Let’s make transit a priority.



CUTA is advancing a plan for transformative urban mobility - here’s how we get there.

The next federal government should:

  1. Provide an annual $250 million top up to the federal Gas Tax Fund that would be dedicated to public transit and flexible enough to cover operational expenses

  2. Develop a procurement incentive program to green Canada’s transit fleets and transition to alternative propulsion technologies.

  3. For the federal government to show leadership on combating congestion by collecting and sharing better urban data to inform policy-making on tackling congestion.

  4. To work with all levels of government to streamline capital investments in transit infrastructure to ensure that federal funding flows faster to our communities.

 Learn more about how transit helps build better lives for Canadians:


The majority of Canadians say that road congestion is a problem in their area. Canadians know that using public transit helps reduce traffic congestion, and get them where they need to be quicker. Canadians want governments to prioritize. With more public transit options and better system support, people have more time to do the activities that are important to them. If you’re fed up with congestion we need your support!


Investing in transit employs Canadians both during construction and once transit systems are operating. Good public transit also saves every day Canadians money as it is a cheaper alternative to private transportation. If you’re one of the 9 in 10 Canadians that think governments need to invest more in public transit, then please support our campaign.


Canadians care about the environment and they know that public transit reduces emissions. More accessible, modern public transit options, will help Canada achieve environmental goals. Approximately 80% of Canadians want the government to do more to deploy green buses and invest in public transportation.

Social Mobility

Public transit is an important component of Canada’s growing communities. The majority of urban Canadians believe that accessible transit is an essential service for their community. But, half of Canadians feel that transit in their community is outdated. Others have difficulty affording a personal vehicle and public transit is the only way for them to get to school or work. Public transit is important for letting everyone have access to socioeconomic opportunities—literally and figuratively.